Payment, Delivery & Return Policy

Order and Delivery Policy


Your order can be made via the online retail form in our web site

After the placement of your order for a Cosette.Cosette handmade deluxe body jewellery, you will have to deposit the total amount. Product prices include VAT. Product prices may change without further notice.

Please note that it will take a maximum of 20 working days for the manufacture of the product, counting from the payment day.

You will be notified via email when your body jewellery is ready.

Free shipping on all retail orders within Greece.


Your order can be made via the official email address in our web site

After the placement of your order for a Cosette.Cosette handmade deluxe body jewellery, you will have to deposit 50% of the total amount. This amount is required in order for us to start manufacturing the items. Product prices include VAT. Wholesale prices are communicated to wholesaler either by email, either through the “Collaboration” form from our site. Product prices may change without further notice.

Please note that the time needed for the completion of your order depends on the amount of items and you will be informed via email.

You will be notified via email when the jewellery is ready for dispatch and you will then be asked to deposit the remaining 50% of the total amount.

The delivery will be made, only after the full payment of your order.

Shipping expenses are payable by the customer.

General Data

With the receipt of the order, the customer accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of the present document.

The customer is responsible for the product’s choice and its suitability.

In order to proceed to any order via the e-shop, the client has to complete all the information required at Cosette.Cosette website, such as name and surname, contact phone, email and shipping address. All the above-required information will be kept confidential. Cosette.Cosette maintains the right to use the above in order to send information concerning new products, offers etc., to which the client consents hereby.

Cosette.Cosette considers as confidential all the information that the client completes the purchase via the e-shop and will not disclose their content but to the client himself and to the competent Authorities, if such disclosure is considered necessary, only if the content of the message is abusive, threatening or offends the company and/or its interests.


Payment will be made in the following ways

     1.  The purchases can be made with credit cards VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS CLUB.

The transactions and all the purchases of products are made with security via the services provided by Alpha Bank.

Cosette.Cosette does not maintain archives or collect in any way the data of the client’s card. All the electronic transactions with a card are made via the safe system of Alpha Bank.

      2. Deposit to a bank account

Purchases can be made by deposit to the company’s bank account and if such communication has been made before with the company either by phone or by e-mail.

Cosette.Cosette will issue receipt or invoice for the purchase, which will be sent with the delivery of the products to the shipping address declared by the customer.

Product prices may change without further notice.

In case of purchase in a different monetary system except for euro, the prices of the products may differ depending on the current currency conversion.

Transaction security

The personal data of the users of website and of the electronic transactions via the e-shop are protected with the best possible security. They are secured with SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), via which the personal data and the credit cards information’s of the users/clients are encrypted.

Furthermore, Alpha bank with which Cosette.Cosette collaborates puts through all the transactions. The customer by choosing payment by credit card is automatically transferred to the website of the bank, where he must register the type of card, its number, the owner’s name and surname, the date of expiration and CCV2 or CVC2, depending on the type of card.

All the above information that the client register is not in any way communicated to Cosette.Cosette. The electronic transaction via card concerns only the customer and the collaborating bank and is executed in the Alpha Bank’ s safe system environment.

Delivery Policy



Orders that are shipped within Attica, needs a delivery time of approximately 1-2 business days.

Orders outside Attica, need a delivery time of approximately 3-5 business days.


The delivery time depends on the region and country of delivery.

Non-EU deliveries may be subject to charges that may arise from exchange rate differences, customs clearances, etc., for which COSETTE.COSETTE COMPANY shall bear no liability


The customer can choose one of the following ways for his products to be delivered:

– by post via our own cooperating courier provider

– by post via his own cooperating courier provider

The delivery time depends on the region and country of delivery. Concerning the delivery charges for wholesale customers, they will take place after communication with the client.

All products are made to order, as so the delivery time is irrelevant to the manufacturing time.

Shipping expenses are charged to the customer.

Via the order form completion, the customer declares the delivery (shipping) address.

Non-EU deliveries may be subject to charges that may arise from exchange rate differences, taxes, customs clearances, etc., as well as other local requirements, for which our company shall bear no liability

Force Majeure

Cosette.Cosette is not responsible for any delay concerning the execution and delivery of products due to cases or circumstances that cannot be attributed to the company or due to force majeure, for which a time extension is required.

Events of force majeure can be e.g. strikes, terrorist acts, natural disasters, war, problems concerning the suppliers, the transfers, the production, and also the currencies as well as governmental or legislative acts.

Return Policy

Retail & Wholesale

If you wish to return a product, you should return it within 14 days of its delivery. Shipping expenses are charged to the customer. All returns are accepted only if the customer communicates with the e-shop, within 3 working days of the delivery of the product and has received from the company an approval message for its return. Fill out the form below:


Returns will be accepted only if the products are to be returned unused and in the same condition as received by the customer, including the relevant invoice or purchase receipt and all packaging and all its parts, tags and everything else enclosed.

If the product has a manufacturing defect that is possible to be fixed, then the customer should send the product back to the company (delivery expenses charged to us) and we will fix it. In any other case, products that are damaged or that have suffered alterations due to customer’s responsibility and bad use, will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer, at his expense.

After contacting the sales manager via email and completing the form of return, the customer will receive an electronic answer for the approval of the return of the product and the way of return will be arranged (e.g. Courier). The product will be returned to our atelier at the following address:
Menippou 11 15562 Cholargos, Attica, Greece
in consideration of Ms Chasapi Stamatina

n retail sales, there will not be a cash back, but a refund will be given as a credit code, referring to the value of the purchased product, in order to be used for a future purchase/order. It is important to note that the condition for the execution of the above is for the original product to be returned in its original condition.

Shipping expenses are charged to the customer.

The present contract does not affect in any way any customer right predicted by law.