Jewellery Maintenance & Plating

Jewellery Maintenance & Plating

Jewellery Maintenance

Each body jewellery comes with a fabric case and a metallic hanger in order to be safely stored. A tag containing the Cosette.Cosette logo, the name of the jewellery, the collection it belongs to and the materials it is made of are included. Additionally, a cleaning cloth, which can be used to slightly clean or polish the metal after each use is included.

It’s recommended to avoid contact of the body jewellery with liquids (e.g water, perfumes, lotions and creams, sea water, pool water etc.). You should keep them away from chemicals. You should also keep in mind that the use and the pH of the skin, may lead to a possible wear off the plated colour. The leather parts could be cleaned with a special liquid that the customer can obtain from commercial shops. The stones can be polished with a slightly wet cloth.

We accept no liability in case of damage caused by misuse, mistreatment or careless handling.

However, in case of damage occurs, we can repair or replace the worn parts. Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost will be determined and will proceed to its repair, always after communication and agreement with the client.

Shipping expenses are charged to the client.



COSETTE. COSETTE COMPANY uses mostly brass as a metal basis. The plating colours we use are :

– gold (24K yellow gold plating)

– rose (24K rose gold plating)

– light grey (platinum plating)

– black (ruthenium plating)

Both ruthenium as platinum belongs to the same family of precious metals.

All metals, metallic parts and chains of COSETTE.COSETTE jewellery are plated.

Specifically, all metal designs with or without the COSETTE.COSETTE LOGO, all hooks and hoops, the metal wire and chains are plated.

Gold, gold rose, platinum and ruthenium plating is a thin metal layer applied on the metallic surface. It is possible that this thin metal layer will wear off. In order to be maintained for as long as possible, care and attention are required.